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Review of Pure POV - 1080p HD POV Movies

If you are looking for the highest resolution POV porn movies around, Pure POV has them.  They have 89 full length scenes total (as of January 2009), and 56 of them can be downloaded in full 1080p HD - yes 1920x1080 at a whopping 8000k/sec.  You need a fast internet connection, because each HD movie is about 2GB.  They are the sharpest, best looking movies I have ever scene online.  You can also play them on your HD TV (they have instructions on how to do this). They also have 3 other video resolutions: 3000k WMV, 1500k WMV, and 750k Mpeg.  The 3000k scenes look fantastic at full screen.  The women are generally busty and in their late twenties.  There isn't much of the "teen" sort.  The videos are well filmed, well lit, and there is lots of anal.  My one little nit pick is the women wear a lot of makeup.  In summary, 89 crystal clear full length downloads is great, and true HD porn can be found almost nowhere else.  The only downside is you don't get the quantity and variety that you get at the DVD download sites, but those site don't give you HD.

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